shes a b-movie scream queen

my monster girl on the screen

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a community for make-up and clothing styles different from whats
in most magazines ie. goth stlye or anything else different
but still kool

u wanna join u gotta do me a favor ok ?
answer the following questions

your name:
your age :
ur eye color:
hair color:
favorite hobbies:
one ream/goal;
top 3 bands :
favorite song :
if you could b anyone famouse ,living or dead who wood it b :
what city you live in :
3 things u look for in a friend:
if you were a color what wood it b:
why ?:
status :

what do you think about these three things:
abortion :
the medias messages to younger and younger people :

tell me something about ur self ..anything..make it intresting
and at least 3 photos (10 at the most) of your self ..ALSO..NO NUDITY ...IF I WANTED TO SEE U NUDE I WOOD ASK..BUT I DONT WANT TO SEE IT SO DONT SHOW ME OK?

HERES WHAT U DO OK?...unlike other communties instead of doing the lj cut and applying..this is what i have decided o do..u MUST click POST COMMENT and answer the questions that are above...if and when i accept you i will add you and you will be on the list to make posts and such . U MUST DO THIS...if u ADD ME AND DONT DO THE APPLICATION U ARE OFF MY LIST...if i dont reply within afew days ..5 tops (highly unlikey but still..) ...type me a message in my otherlivejournal..listed up top...ill add u back ...alrite? ..ill see u in time .........

code for above pic img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums.v470/slipknot223789/deadlyglamour.jpg"
put this in ur profile if u get accepted k?,make sure to have the < , > things at each end ,k?

Social capital

  • less than 10